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Environmental impact:


Transcore Limited recognises that it has both a legal and moral responsibility to consider environmental impact on the local environments in which it operates and the global environment in general at all levels of business.


This is supported by our Environmental Policy and management documents, which set out specific areas of action and responsibilities.


Transcore endeavours to:


  • Respect people and the society in which it operates

  • Undertake its work in an ethical and sustained manner

  • Measure performance

  • Act in a socially and environmentally responsible way

  • Protect and enhance the environment

  • Be concerned about the major impacts of construction on the environment and the earth’s resources


Transcore Limited is aware that Civil Engineering shapes and influences the environment in which we live, for the benefit of society and to deliver its expected standard of living. Many Civil Engineering schemes intrinsically improve environmental quality and human quality of life.


Our environmental policy will be made available to all interested parties. Please contact us should you require any further information

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